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DVD Counsellor/Lecture Training

The Counselor/Lecturer Course on DVD is for those who have learned the basics of abiding and would like to learn how to share this message with other hurting believers. This course includes sample discipleship sessions, history-taking, unique self information, and systematic instruction through the diagrams in order to share the freeing revelation of Christ in you, the hope of glory. This series is a great study for groups or individuals and is geared toward all those who would like to take a heavenly approach to earthly problems and discipleship. In the Lecture Training portion of the course, Mike illustrates the doctrine of suffering to explain how things are learned in suffering that cannot be learned in comfort. This brings new insight to the present struggles of believers. The goal of the video series is to integrate the ALMI material into the believer’s own call and ministry. Diagram CD included. (11+ hours)

Counsellor/Lecture Training

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