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View from Mount Alford Lodge


Wendy and Phil Bell

Mount Alford Lodge was established in 2000 by the Hopson and Bell families as a non-denominational, non profit organisation. We are supported by a team of volunteers who shared the same dream through our Ministry Life Discoveries.

Our purpose is to provide a place where the weary can find rest and the discouraged and defeated can find reality.

We love sharing these wonderful facilities with individuals and groups who wish to stay and enjoy the serene environment.

Geoff and Beryl Hopson who have been actively involved for the past 20 years have now retired.

Phil and Wendy Bell continue as the on site managers.


Mount Alford Lodge Vision

The original concept of Mount Alford Lodge was simple; to provide "a place" to assist others in the discovery of life, as life is designed to be by the Creator of life.  "I have come that they may have Life and have it to the full," John 10:10

Fulfillment will come in discovering a lifestyle that satisfies the primary needs of man: man being recognised as a tri-part person of body, soul and spirit.

To assist those who are seeking answers to the chaos and futility of life, often facing such circumstances through no fault of their own .


To make printed and audio resources available to the local and wider community.

To equip others of the next generation to continue the work that has begun.


To provide a place for nurturing, rest, respite and regeneration, where no one is precluded because of cost.


Mount Alford Lodge Mission

A team of volunteers established and maintain Mount Alford Lodge, united by a common desire to provide a sanctuary where people may discover God.  Made welcome and not discriminated against by age, sex, colour, race or religion.

Mount Alford Lodge offers an escape, a quiet place to rediscover our purpose; for individuals, couples and families.

Mount Alford lodge is available for small groups,  both social and corporate; leadership teams; homegroups etc. It is where people can connect, share fellowship, plan and grow.  If requested we will work with you, presenting studies and teaching.  It is our desire to support your church leadership.

We want to minister to the Ministers.  Christians are not exempt from the feelings of weariness, discouragement and defeat.  Mount Alford Lodge was established to be your shelter from the storm.

The ongoing philosophy of Mount Alford Lodge is a continual process of regeneration.


We believe in new beginnings, find yours here.

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