Many Christians suffer from spiritual indigestion! We are stuffed full of Biblical knowledge, but never take time to process this information. Our mind is well informed, but the inner life of the spirit is parched in poverty-stricken neglect.
Regenerate is organic growth - inward growth derived from feasting on the Living Word and the fellowship and experiences of fellow believers in the journey of renewal.
Regenerate is something that many churches would like to do, but have neither the structured time nor the space to do it. Over a weekend we have both!
Regenerate is a four-fold journey towards renewal: a time of feasting on the Word of God, followed by a time of individual reflection allowing God to refresh the inner life. We then meet together in small groups to learn from each other. This is often followed by a time of sharing and celebration with the whole body. 
We do this on Saturday and Sunday morning. Towards the end of Saturday afternoon we meet again for a shorter version of the morning segments, celebrate a meal together and then (weather permitting), sit around a roaring campfire at our outdoor fire pit, enjoying each others company for the remainder of the evening.
All this is set in the beautiful environment of Mount Alford Lodge.
It really is a weekend of regeneration, particularly helpful for those that are extremely busy serving their local Church and never have time to reflect on their own spiritual journey.
Note what others who have attended have said:
"I arrived depleted; I leave revived in faith and hope and joy" S.I.G. Qld
"I am leaving here refreshed and motivated ..." J.H. Qld
"Loved the weekend. I wish that it lasted longer." J.S. Qld
"Spirit of unity prevailing reminded me of the Triune Godhead reflecting one heart, purpose and mind yielding to the other." I.S. Qld
"An oasis of rest in a rushed and busy world." W.J. Qld
We look forward to sharing a weekend with you! 


"I am leaving here refreshed and motivated to spend more time at rest in God's presence when I return home."
J. Qld

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