ALDA Workshop

The Abiding Life Discoveries Australia (ALDA) Workshop will provide the place, and the space, to develop a greater understanding and ability to share the message of abiding in Christ.
At the Workshop we will study a selection of basic graphics and concepts as developed by Dr Michael Wells, Founding Director of Abiding Life Ministries International. These "grew" over the 30 plus years that Dr Wells travelled into over 180 countries across 90-plus denominations, sharing the simplicity of Abiding in Christ.
Led by Geoff Hopson, the workshop will be hands-on practical training. Geoff has been associated with Mike since 1996, and after retiring from ministry in 2006, has devoted his life to the equipping of believers to share these incredible truths to both the believer and unbeliever alike.
Graphics are a great means of communication. These can range from drawing a simple diagram on a serviette in a coffee shop to sharing with a friend while sitting at a computer and pressing the advance button. It might even include a full colour professional presentation at church, in the home or in a public hall. Visual concepts can reinforce the message being presented. 
The Workshop is a beginning! A prerequisite is that participants have attended a Breaking Free seminar, or have already been exposed to the teaching of Abiding Life Ministries International.
There will also be opportunity for further advanced training as the need arises.
Abiding Life is the core of Mount Alford Lodge. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
"BREAKING FREE. A great time to draw aside and focus on Jesus, with wonderful accommodation, food and explicit teaching. All leadership would benefit greatly from this course."
Lee. NSW

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